There’s no doubt about the fact that moving to another city is a life-changing experience. If you have been a Delhiite all your life, then certain things might shock you once you visit Mumbai.

A Delhi-based redditor, who is currently living in Bangalore, visited South Bombay over a long weekend and was amazed at the apparent density, especially women. On a thread, she asked other users how everyone in SoBo is fair, have frizz-free hair and has no stretch marks or cellulite on their skin. This is what the users had to say.


1. “Sounds like the Indian version of Gossip Girl’s Upper East Side.”

2. “Oh wait till you see the really really big sea-facing apartments with their perfectly manicured living rooms that have nothing from Ikea, only stuff from antique stores. If you ever feel out of place in SoBo, just head over to Causeway and shop for cheap clothes or go to one of the myriad diving holes and bakeries for cheap booze (relatively) and food.”

3. “This is strange! I have lived for 4 years in Mumbai with a fair amount of interaction with the SoBo crowd. However, I feel more out of place when I go out in South Delhi. Fair, smartly dressed, straight coloured hair etc. I never felt the urge to straighten my hair before coming to Delhi. At least, when I compare my SoBo acquaintances to the ones from South Delhi. I have found the former extremely approachable.”
– sudsam1

4. “They look beautiful because they have money to hire dieticians, estheticians, plastic surgeons and nutritionists to manage their health and beauty. No need to beat yourself about that.”

5. “They never go out in the sun (and if they do they wear tons of sunscreen), are mostly fair by the genetics of being wealthy for centuries. No stretch marks/cellulite because they all have tons of $$ for a healthy diet and personal trainers who come home. Thrice-weekly blowdries for frizz-free hair. Tons of surgery/expensive dermatology for perfect skin and no body hair. Also, they don’t have to work more than they want to so they have tons of time to focus on their appearance. Signed, a woman who grew up in SoBo and has rich SoBo female acquaintances.”

6. “I’m from SoBo and not everyone’s like that. I’ve lived here for 32 years.”

7. “Money is the key.”

8. “It’s not about health, it never was. It’s not about “looking healthy”, either, although that’s the term we use now. It’s about beauty standards.”

Have you been to SoBo yet?