Dilliwalon, what I am about to tell you is extremely important. 8th of February is when you get to choose your Chief Minister. So go do that. 

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But before that, you must understand that for 48 hours, starting tomorrow evening, no alcohol is going to be sold in the state. 

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I hope you understand the gravity of this situation.  In case you don't, let me help grasp the kind of shit we are in. 

You can buy booze today. But all the thekas will be more jam-packed than a Rajeev Chowk on a weekday during peak hours. 

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And this isn't exactly the civilised society we are used to living in. See these people, and I mean almost all men, will step on each other's heads if it means they can get that Royal Stag quarter before someone else. 

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The thekas will, of course, increase the price on the bottles. And hey, those fuckers don't even bother to remove the price tag. They will just sell it to you for more. Cos, fuck you, you need the booze. 

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Also, once you are out of that crowd and are not smelling of someone else's sweat anymore, you are not going back in again to argue about the price hike. I mean, it's just not worth it. 

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This little ban lifts on Saturday evening. You could go and buy booze then. 

But let me remind you, the unruly crowd that we just discussed, well, that's on a normal day. Now by Saturday evening, these people have been sober for a good 40 hours or so. They have spent their Fridays without a drop of that precious alcohol. 

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So this will be a ravenous crowd. I mean, if you still want to buy booze on Saturday, good for you man. You're quite brave. But you must ask, 'at what cost'?

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Now getting to the point of the article, you should have bought your booze by now. Never leave these things for the last minute. It's not an assignment or your tax returns. Just stock the fuck up.

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Also, since this is already a PSA, please don't be drunk when you go vote. Udhar aaj EVM tera bhai chalaega nahi bol sakte, dude!