There is nobody quite like a pissed desi parent. They have a knack for expressing their resentment in the most overdramatic way possible, and they find a way to connect every bad habit of yours.

So, you may wake up late one day, but it’s connected to you being glued to your phone all the time. And that’s connected to you keeping your room untidy. And that’s connected to your new friends. And that’s connected to how you’re nowhere like Sharmaji ka beta. And everything is connected to your existence.

overdramatic desi parent

And when it comes to being dramatic, they might as well join a theatre group. If you think about it, a lot of stuff they speak when frustrated also springs from content they’ve watched over the years. Remember Baghban? That one Bollywood movie that etched a hellhole for every desi child.

And if you’ve been one of those unlucky ones who watched that movie WITH your parents, you’d remember how their faces lost colours. Somehow, that film led them into thinking they were nurturing a ‘wound’ for their future. Suddenly, YOU became one of those sadistic Baghban kids who’d derive pleasure from making their lives miserable.

And guess what? Twitter user Ujjawal Athrav (@Ujjawal_athrav) has shared a WhatsApp story screengrab of their Dad, who posted this classic Baghban story following a small argument. And it’s just too relatable.

Take a look.

Such peak dad behaviour that this story seems personal.

Naturally, Twitter is in splits. Everybody relates to it.


I mean, relatable much? Baghban is scarier for children than their parents.

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