How many of y’all consider “Oh your mom wished for a period but got you instead,”Your parents regretted not using the condom that night “ etc etc as spiteful roasts? 9 out of 10 folks, I’m sure. But what if your parents, who legit gave you birth, make a vicious joke on you that you never saw coming?

Recently, a Twitter user shared a screenshot of possibly his WhatsApp family group where he was referring to a Swiggy order he made by mistake, and his parents thought it was an ideal opportunity to make him realise their mistake. Yes, you’re thinking in the right direction.

Did this make y’all go “Papaji, itna bhi sach nahi bolna tha”? But man, his mom’s response! Two mere emojis have never conveyed more emotions. This burn did leave a mark. 

Twitter is rolling on the floor laughing and is also offering some cold water to heal the burn. 

Dads either reply with a ‘👍’, or roast TF outta you. There is no in-between.