Everyone’s fighting for something at this very right moment.Someone’s forcing their child to study, someone’s forcing them to cook, to marry, to kill their dreams. Someone had a fight with his/her spouse last night, someone had it in office.The world for them is saddening at this moment, I just want them to forget the hard times they’re facing and laugh the hell out .”

Thus spoke Mr. Naveen Kukreja, the guy behind The Desi Stuff , who keeps on searching for the most humorous minds on Twitter, compiles their jokes (after giving them due credit, of course) and brings you y our daily dose of nothing but the best desi humor.

For in these turbulent times, all we need is a good laughter to cure us of the ever mounting stress. For laughter is indeed the best medicine. As proved accurately by these hilarious posters. Check ’em out.

Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Cry, and the world laughs even harder.

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