Apart from being great movies, what is common between The Martian, The Godfather, Kill Bill and The Shawshank Redemption? Yes, they would have fitted perfectly in the Indian context!

And while we all have our versions of how super awesome an Indian Godfather and an Indian Kill Bill would have been, none is better than the versions of Shudh Desi Endings

Check out these awesome posters of some of Hollywood’s best and also not so best movies. We like how you do not discriminate, SDE!

The homegrown Neo

Move over The Shawshank Redemption! The Yerwada Redemption is here

Ajay Devgn as The Bride in Kill Billu

Cast Away starring Aamir Khan

The Real Godfather shows who the real boss is

The Deols star in the Indian version of The Hangover 

Jaadu in a whole new avatar

Bromance does not get better than this

Finally the movie that bagged Salman Khan the National Award

Tiger’s Day Out

Hrithik Roshan in and as The Martian

*slow clap*

All images sourced from Shudh Desi Endings