Actor Tom Holland is a popular name in Hollywood. Though he has portrayed varied roles in his career, he is mostly renowned for portraying MCU’s fictional superhero Spiderman. 

And now that he’s thoroughly promoting his new Spiderman movie, social media is pretty much buzzing with his name. 

But here’s the thing. Just because Holland is a Hollywood superstar, doesn’t mean there can’t be more people with a similar name, right? 

Well, desi Twitter kind of didn’t get the hold of the fact that there indeed are two famous Tom Holland’s on Twitter and one of them is an author. So, when Historian Tom Holland recently tweeted about the Motera stadium’s name being changed to Narendra Modi Stadium, netizens got ‘very’ confused. 

Some netizens took the historian’s sarcastic tweet very seriously and without fact checking #BoycottSpiderman started trending on Twitter. Several twitter users started dissing the new Spiderman movie and actor Tom Holland for absolutely no reason. 

But on the other hand, many other Spiderman fans made fun of the fact that #BoycottSpiderman is actually trending and asked the haters to calm the hell down. 

Another day, another boycott.