Two random uncles debating politics in public is a common sight, but have you ever seen anyone discussing Bollywood with the same seriousness?

Well, let’s take you to the B-Town, Mumbai where two middle-aged men who seemed strangers to each other are stuck in a heated argument over Shraddha Kapoor.

Then gradually the topic shifts from Shraddha to the movie, Rock On and wait till you hear their rant on everything related to the movie. 

This is some serious burn right there!

Didn’t even spare Farhan Akhtar from the roast.

We don’t really know how to pen down this amazing video in words, so here you go, take a look.

I really want to know why he hates Arjun Rampal so much!

I mean we aren’t really fans of Arjun but this uncle had some pretty mean things to say!


And, Shraddha Kapoor I think he is your biggest and sweetest fan ever!