We Indians are a class apart. And perhaps that’s why, we like to do things our own way. We march to our own beat. Also, remember how they say that every person in the world has 7 duplicates? Well, guess that stands true for products as well. With atleast one specimen of each found in India.

Take for example these desi versions of firangi products. Now don’t look at the design. Look at the sheer innovation and skill.

1. America might have Caitlyn Jenner. But Shakti humare paas hai.

2. The client’s expectations v/s the client’s budget.

3. Main bada hokar train banoonga.

4. Finding Nemo. On someone’s plate.

5. Because ‘jigar mein aag’ is too mainstream.

6. Lemme get this straight.

7. Please have a seat…I mean shit…I mean…Oh nevermind.

8. No one can indeed just have one.

9. Jeetu raho, Charlie beta.

10. Seems legit.

11. Captain Jack Sparrow. On stranger tides indeed.

Like they say. It happens only in India.