One of the things that starts changing with age is metabolism. But what remains the same is crazy love for food. Gone are the days when losing the extra kilos was a piece of cake. Now all we do is think twice. But who cares when you’ve got your favourite food in front of you? We go for the kill and pile on the pounds, without a care in the world. But throw away that old pair of jeans for that teenage waist is long gone.

And you’re not doing much to get it back, except eating.

Excuses such as hunger, boredom, heartbreak won’t work forever. So go ahead, make yourself empty promises of working out. But you know you’re heading to the new café later. I mean, look at the donuts below. You want some just by looking, don’t you?


Everyone needs some guilty pleasure. But what about the calories?

When the change really starts showing, panic does come slamming on the doors of your self-image, but reality can knock only so many times. You happily carry on in binge heaven. The diets you planned and marked so carefully go down in the drain. You’re back to square. You might have lost a kilo but soon you’ve gained three. Every effort seems hopeless so you let go.

These are the same thoughts of hopelessness, served with a dash of humour and a sprinkle of sarcasm.

Good luck with the diet that’s never going to happen.

The quirky designs are by Aroop Mishra