Disney movies, Nickelodeon shows, and Cartoon Network specials sum up our entire childhood. We all know how Powerpuff Girls were born and how Scooby Doo solved all cases for its gang. 

But did you ever notice the hidden dirty jokes in some of the most popular cartoons? 

What we believed were innocent, goody-goody cartoon shows actually had various hidden gems, most of ’em rather naughty.

Scroll down to see for yourself and laugh out loud because now, you will actually understand them!

1. The smile says it all!

2. That touch though!

3. Sausage? No, thank you!

4. Not Donald Duck, please!

5. The licking Mayor!

6. Explicit drawings were funny in those days

7. Banana Joe in trouble!

8. Why Mr. Krabs?

9. What is happening there?

10. Is this her concern?

11. That’s so sexist, Fred!

12. Who’s the naughtier one?

13. Alone time? Tissues? Why?

14. Accident it is!

15. Oh lord!

16. And we laughed because of the other reason 

17. He could have used his hands!

18. Be particular, please!

19. Sigh!

20. Ahem Ahem, Miss Finster!

21. The Flash and his issues.

22. The concept didn’t even exist for us back then!

23. Dexter was smarter than we thought!

24. Early learnings!

25. Missing placements, maybe?

26. Scooby Doo was no less!

27. Suck my what?

28. Size doesn’t matter

29. Virgin and Bravo

30. Problems of the Rugruts

31. Harley Quinn and her pie

32. This Scene, every time!

33. Cum like whattt?

Kinda ruined your childhood, right?