Every single brown folk in the entire world knows how toilet paper sucks when it comes down to cleaning our tushies. All we need is a stream of water and, we are done! However, have you ever wondered about the people who use toilet paper after doing their business?

A curious person, who goes by the username MugwumpJuice, popped a question on Reddit asking people if they check their toilet paper after wiping. He mentioned that:

Honestly, the idea of looking at the toilet paper after wiping grosses me out. Why would I want to bring a ball of shit paper up close enough to me so I can take a look? I just wipe once and that’s that. I never had issues with skid marks or anything unless I actually shit myself, which only happens every few months.

Interestingly, several people responded to his question. Are you ready to see the responses? Read on.

1. “Once is never enough.”

– jtr489

2. “How do you know that you are done? Have you been blindly wiping and just hoping you got it all? Good god.”

– summer1_

3. “Are you being serious? In what fucking universe is glancing back at toilet paper gross, but shitting your pants is not?”

– whispered_anger

4. “You shit yourself every few months and you think eyeballing toilet paper is the problem here? I hope you are getting medical help with your colon issues.”

– rewardiflost

5. “Hold on, you shitting yourself every couple of months is insane.”

– Turbulent-Wall6116

6. “If I only wipe once, after every shit I took, starting today, I’d be rotting in my own filth almost dead by next week.”

– Triials

7. “I look every time. Why? Because I will not stop wiping until the wipe comes clean. Do you just wipe until it feels right and hope that you don’t get itchy later?”

– rocksthosesocks

8. “I feel like I have to check. Gotta make sure you get a clean wipe before you go about your day.”

– miggysif

9. “No fucking chance that you only wipe once. I refuse to believe this. There are times when you shit and you don’t even need to look for a while. You just keep wiping and wiping, and then finally start checking. No way every single time you have crapped, you have wiped once, pulled up your pants and thought everything was ok.”

– No_Turnover5068

10. “Essentially, you should check when you wipe. It is important to pay attention to your body because you can find signs of ill health in your urine and faeces.”

– Meowl2611

11. “I’m anxious about smelling like shit after wiping 12 times and then there’s this guy who wipes once and considers “no skid marks” as clean.”

– Havuxi

12. “I look at every piece of toilet paper that I use.”

– bassborne

13. “I bet your butthole is disgusting.”

– thundergun0911

14. “Get a bidet, fam. You’ll never have to check again.”

– technoph0be

Oh well, are you a toilet paper or water jet person?