If you’ve ever had a dog, you know how unexpectedly cute and adorable they are. Be it tails wagging their tail when they’re excited or their ears flapping when they run around, they can always make us go “aww”. But there are times when they are so damn lazy that they literally fall asleep everywhere and anywhere, in the cutest way possible. Here are 40 photos of dogs proving that they can sleep anywhere:

1. He tried to jump off the couch to the table but just fell asleep midway.

2. This one tried stretching. Did not work.

3. He made sure he is as comfy as possible.

4. I believe I can fly!

5. They were probably drinking and did not realise how this happened.

6. Passed out again while watching TV.

7. He was hungry in his dreams.

8. It doesn’t matter what the position is as long as he gets to snooze.

9. Neither does he, but he probably had a long long day.

10. He rocks in his sleep.

11. A small stuff toy is all he needs.

12. He was clearly driving all night and just changed shifts with the other one.

13. He may look angry at the chair, but he isn’t.

14. Good ‘butt’ not the best place to lay your head.

15. Like seriously?

16. What is it with dogs and buttocks?

17. He just needs his mother’s paw not a pillow.

18. Clearly the musician in the family.

19. He waited and waited for his food.

20. He’s a shy sleeper.

21. He was feeling very s(l)heepy.

22. He just dove off and fell asleep before landing.

23. He is very confused between drinking, sleeping and bathing, so he did all together.

24. He probably dreamt he was a woodpecker.

25. Ah, the laundry lullaby.

26. His food was just taking too long.

27. “I’ll search for my ball.. *thud*”

28. He really tried hard to walk away from the laziness.

29. He may have smoked some pot and wanted to sleep on it.

30. He just couldn’t handle being awake in the car

31. He thought that this was perfectly carved out for him.

32. He wakes up in parts.

33. Problems, problems, problems. All on his head.

34. The round table meeting was pretty boring.

35. He was glaring at his reflection when he fell asleep.

36. This one is scared in his dreams.

37. He may have fainted.

38. The small beast that transformed into a gear lock you will never want to break.

39. That is a sandwich nap.

40. He ran into the couch’s backrest and somehow just fell asleep.

Sleep is a dog’s best friend.