Sometime, you just feel an automatic dislike for something, be it a person, a design or an animal. However, if you’re not a dog lover in this day and age, God help you. There’s a tsunami of doggy love sweeping the nation, so if you’re one of those few who don’t like dogs, you’ll probably relate to this.

1. Whereas the world sees dogs as cute little animals, you look at them and see hounds from hell.

2. You always ask if there’s a dog before entering any house for the first time and if there are, they better be tied up.

3. You’re almost as afraid of dog poop as you are of dogs themselves.

4. Your friends are always taking your case and calling you a wuss, while you can’t understand how they don’t see the danger they’re in!

5. You immediately go into a Bruce Lee mode as soon as a dog even barks at you.

6. And you know all the emergency moves and numbers in case you ever get bitten, which you never will because you wear double layers always.

7. Rabies is the disease that scares you more than Ebola and Cancer. Damn you frothy mouths and hallucinations – never!

8. You can’t understand how people go all googly woosh over them. To you they all look like squished sharks, case in point – pugs.

9. You hate it when they come right up next to you and start scratching themselves. Fear the fleas!

10. You hate it when people say, ” Nahi kaatega .” ALL dogs bite.

11. Any time you hear a bark, even if at a distance, your heart skips a beat!

12. You don’t exactly like being licked by humans, being licked by dogs is living nightmare. You don’t want to be anywhere near those jaws.

13. You just don’t trust dogs. No matter how happy they seem, you always feel like there’s something sinister going on in their brain.

Look at this dog trying to be human and whatnot.

14. You have used human shields to hide behind and protect you from dogs. Shameful but effective.

15. Forget werewolves on a full moon night, a pack of street dogs in broad daylight is your biggest nightmare.

16. You’ve pissed off a lot of your pet owning friends by refusing to touch their dogs and making a face. They just don’t understand!

17. You’re like Shaktiman around spiders and lizards but the mere sight of a dog makes you run with your tail between your legs, metaphorically speaking.

Don’t worry, people get over their fears all the time. Sooner or later, you’ll be at peace with the canine population. Until then, if you see a dog, don’t run, just slowly back away!