The fire of LGBT pride has been spreading like... well... wildfire. Especially after the US Supreme Court ruled in favour of their marriages. People from all over the world have been using the Facebook rainbow filter to celebrate along with those who were fighting for these rights. The filter signifies gay pride and from celebrities to big brands, everyone has followed suit.

Mark Zuckerberg did it.

Source: facebook

9GAG also did it.

Source: facebook

Even 'The Terminator', Arnold Schwarzenegger followed suit.

Source: facebook

Basically, everyone is gunning for it.

Source: twitter

But before any of these guys stepped up, Doordarshan had done it. A long, long time ago.

Source: trendulkar

No wonder it's called 'Door'darshan

Disclaimer: In case anyone finds this offensive, here’s making it very clear that we are all for LGBT rights and privileges.