Is slow Internet your biggest nightmare? Every time you’re online, you just HAVE TO download something. Or anything. Then you, my friend, are a chronic downloader. It’s not about right or wrong – it’s just who you are. Here are 17 more signs that point to the fact that you’re an absolute download junkie.

1. Your hard drives are never free when you need them. Because all of them are always jam-packed with movies and TV shows.

2. You don’t always have the time to sit and watch what you’ve downloaded. But as a chronic downloader, you’ll still download some more.

3. Others check the news for movie release dates; you check torrent sites for DVD/BluRay print releases.

4. Any Internet plan that does not clearly say ‘Unlimited Data Usage’, is completely useless according to you.

5. Whenever the office Wi-Fi connection goes slow, the needle of suspicion turns towards you.

6. When you go to sleep at night, your computer stays up, downloading things for you.

7. When you’re invited to your friend’s place, he tells you ” Yaar, apna hard drive bhi le aana!

8. Most of the pen drives attached to your computer are not yours but your freeloading friends’.

9. You are extremely particular about watching stuff in High Definition. You judge people who watch camera-prints.

10. The time you spend offline is directly proportional to your anger level.

11. While deciding on a place to stay during a trip, your only concern is: ” Wahaan free Wi-fi milega?

12. When it comes to your favorite TV shows, you don’t wait for them to air on TV. You prefer to download and watch them as soon as they’re available.

13. Others wait one long week for new episodes to air on TV; you wait for the entire season to end, so you can download it and watch in a single go!

14. You hate pausing your downloads. You get irritated every time someone mails you a video link for work.

15. You are jealous of your friends living abroad who brag about lightning-fast download speeds.

16. You don’t give out your Wi-Fi password easily, even to friends. You don’t want anyone leeching off your bandwidth!

17. A hard drive crash hurts more than a broken heart.

18. You stay at work longer, so that you can download stuff during after-hours when the Internet speed is fastest.

Thank you for taking some time out of your rigorous downloading schedule to read this. Now you may go back to do what you do best.