The glorious hours you spend hustling in office, replacing honest opinions with sugarcoated noteds and exchanging the minimal personal time you get by the end of the day in favour of overwhelming exhaustion that drifts you away into the sweet embrace of sleep quicker than you realise is every person’s dream job. YES.

toxic work culture dream job

We love being micromanaged, and the illusion of having a work-life balance is so tempting we can’t resist staying in that bubble, dedicating all our hours and weekends and holidays to work in an organisation that sings ballads of hours of hard work while appraising us once a year offering us peanuts but giving us the promotion lollipop. You see, we get this is a toxic relationship, but we’ve romanticised it so much so that there’s nothing we can look beyond work and meetings and deadlines and targets and manager and colleagues and Microsoft Teams…oh that ringtone, it never fails to give us the CHILLS.

Plus, who’d go through all that hassle to find another job when I can gladly stay within the cocoon of this job and sell my soul away? But wait, what is this I see on the Internet?

toxic work culture dream job

A full-time job for bubbly-spirited, ever-smiling socialites to work in the office on holidays, on weekends, on all hours, 24X7, without the choice of work from home? Oh my God…is this real or a figment from my happiest of imaginations?

Isn’t being a corporate slave every employee’s dream?

Oh, wait! I thought this was supposed to be a satire.

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