Drug do, drug do, drug do, mujhe drug do, mere liye gaanja laao, charas laao, ecstasy laao. 

Those are the words of the great Arnab Goswami, and I feel someone should actually give him some drugs. Please de do yaar. For the love of God.

With Indian news channels competing with each other as to which one can stoop the lowest, there are very few moments that surprise me now. 

This one did. 

In what seems like a show on Sushant Singh Rajput case (don’t even have to guess at this point), Arnab could be seen begging for drugs, presumably enacting someone else.

So people did what people do. They cut out the context and now it’s just a clip of the Republic TV editor-in-chief saying drugs do, drugs do.

A great fodder for social media, the clip is now doing rounds on the internet and here are some of our favourite posts.

Arnab is us after we watch Republic TV for too long.