Every guy works at being the ‘manly man’ everyone thinks he is. He only lets his guard down once he has had a few drinks with his friends. And then, out come the feels!

We’ve made a compilation of things guys say and do when they are drunk.

1. “Bhai, tu he mera bhai hai.”

A few pints of beer and it’s time to declare their love for their bros.

2. “Mere jaisa koi aur nahi milega tujhe!”

The party isn’t complete without someone drunk-dialing their ex to tell her what a big mistake she made by breaking up.

3. “I miss you. Please take me back. I’m sorry.”

Five seconds later, the waterworks come on and ‘deal with it’ turns to ‘I can’t deal with it anymore!’

4. “Tu jaanta nahi mera baap kaun hai… B@#$%%%