From slurry laments to sobbing about lost love and awakening the inner poet, a drunk person is always a delightful company to have. While most of us drink responsibly and well within our capacity, there are times when some of us submit to the whims of alcohol and get a little carried away. These are the times when we wake up to a completely forgotten night of embarrassment. 

Here’s a killer list of 17 things, you might have done or seen someone doing after drinking one drink too many.

1. Shoes for breakfast?

2. Diamonds on the roll. To flush it or not!!!!

3. The more the booze, the more productive the plan.

4. How about some toasted farfalle for munchies?

6. When you call Domino’s and place an order from Mc Donald’s, that’s when you know you’re the real shiz.

7. There’s always someone in the group who loves alcohol a little more.

8. You know, you can go really high in life.

9. When there’s no alcohol, there’s Google.

10. Instruments that come free with alcohol?

11. When you’re SO high that you can move things in inexplicable ways.

12. The higher, the stronger, the wiser.

13. And then you’re so drunk, even the alcohol can’t find you.

14. From Sober to Drunk Han, sometimes it does not even take a second.

15. Arranging potatoes according to their size, just drunk mom things.


17. ANYTHING but the sink.

Well, you booze, you lose.