Drunk experiences are brushed aside as regular memories because they are. You are going to do something stupid after getting drunk, at least at some point of time in life. The things is most drunken mistakes are survived through and with time forgotten. But then you have tattoos – which I maintain are dangerous even when you’re a teenager, hoping you don’t turn thirty and still have a butterfly on your shoulder. 

Here are 15 of the worst tattoos you’re ever going to see that are the result of too much alcohol.


1. Unicorns, rainbows and the thug life.

2. Self aware drunk. Very nice.

3. He wasn’t the only drunk one in the room.

4. When your 6-year-old’s career move gets serious.

5. What? A derp pokemon?

6. Not exactly how the boyfriend wanted it.

7. That’s regret that’ll stick.

8. She’ll hate herself in the morning.

9. He did it to himself apparently.

10. Inspiration from fairy tales. Gone wrong.

11. His favourite picture of grandma.

12. This had to be a drunk epiphany.

13. ‘Cause swag should be there at all times.

14. Reward for whoever can figure this the hell out.

15. That 7 year old looks like he can tattoo. Let’s do this.


A drunken night that’ll stick on forever. Forever, man!

Masthead Source: williamgibsonboard.com, Feature Image Source: oddee.com