Move over drunk dialing/texting exes, it’s time for drunk conversations with the BFFs!

Unlike drunk texts to an ex which are embarrassing, drunk convos with your best friend are just another thing added to the list of ‘Things to laugh about later’. 


The reason I’m addressing this is because it doesn’t get enough credit. It is a beautiful thing, drunk dialing your best friend.

Imagine how much validation our best friends already give us and now multiply it by the number of shots they’ve wildly chugged down. That is validation at its maximum capacity. 

Who doesn’t want that? I know I do.

And it works wonders when your best friend doesn’t live in the same city as you do. The missing factor automatically becomes the highest when it’s a long distance friendship.

You could be going through a weird phase of making new friends while they are also probably doing the same. This has the possibility of both of you wondering whether you’ll be able to maintain this friendship and that drunk text in the middle of the night clears out that doubt for the both of you. 

The fact that you have someone out there who you can text at any time of the day without any filters is a great feeling. But it’s a privilege when that someone texts you in their most vulnerable and inebriated state to let you know they miss you.

Not glorifying it but we’ve all been on the receiving end of many drunk texts from exes. It’s a weird space to be in. If you genuinely miss them, you end up falling in their trap of intoxicated ‘I miss yous’. And if you don’t, it’s just plain awkward.

But that doesn’t apply to best friends. If you don’t get to see them or talk to them on a daily basis, receiving a drunk text from them which says they miss you is a wonderful thing. 

You don’t feel the need to be polite nor do you ignore it. And all the Instagram stories of them hanging out with new friends that you were jealous of become redundant.

There are so many night outs that I’ve been on and if there’s anything that bothers me is that my best friend isn’t here to enjoy this with me. My only way to communicate that to her is to send her a drunk text at the end of the night simply telling her I wish she was here.

Different time zones are a bitch and sometimes we end up not replying instantly to their texts. But I can totally vouch for the fact that waking up the next morning to a drunk text by your best friend is definitely going to make your day much better.

Thanks to modern technology, there are also times that just drunk texts aren’t enough; you need more. Voice notes become your saviour then and conveys your drunk emotions even better.

Unlike drunk texts to exes, these are never sloppy, they are never ignored and they are never done for a selfish reason (read: drunk booty call).

But a friend will pour their heart out by letting you know that even though they’re out with other people, you’re always on their mind. That’s when you know you’ve reached peak best friend level.