This one’s funny because it’s true. We’re all guilty of less than intelligent intentions once we’ve downed a few. In fact, you’ve probably already done some dumb shot on the booze that you haven’t gotten the chance to regret about yet. So, here are 20 epic drunk episodes that got etched into text messages forever. 

Check out these 20 hilarious drunk texts.

1. Only if he’d got to post, it’d be worth it.

2. Drunk Facebook rage is a real thing.

3.  Toyota knows!

4. How could being friendzoned get worse? When you’re not sure what it means.

5. And, then he puked all over the bat cave.

6. I’d like some lady pants. FTW.

7. Legitimate effort.

8. Banquets of cheese!

9. Limp penis; therefore, focus HARD.

10. That dog has seen some days.

11. Of course he didn’t. 

12. Stationary romance. *Pun*

13. Not the best plan to leave them responsible for themselves.

14. Cause for murder.

15. At least the legs feel good.

16. Ouch. Did she just say it.

17. Alcohol is dangerous after all.

18. He’s right. He does.

19. That is the best picture ever painted through words.

20. Not the best meet up plan out there.

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