Dua is the new baddy in town. She’s here to change the world. Pari hoon main is her energy… and I LOVE IT. For those living under the rock, she’s the red-headed kid who is literally ruling the internet. This kid has a lot to say, and everything actually makes sense. Dua jo kehti hai sach kehti hai, sach ke siva kuchh nahin kehti hai. In a way, I relate with her. I feel seen, like I have never before.

If you think I’m just saying it, I have my reasons:

1. Brutal honesty is my jam.

Dua wakes up and chooses brutal honesty each day. Wo yeh bhi nahin dekhti kaun hai, sabke liye equal hai. Equally sassy.

Dua - Arshad Reels

2. I am a believer. Believer in food.

Dua is never not asking for food. The malta division and random demands for something to eat, are just pure examples. Sirf Dua ko pata hai khaane ki keemat.

3. Kabhi kabhi kalesh kara deti hoon.

On some days, you just want some drama. Life is mundane, and it’s the little things that make it better – even if that means some kalesh. Dua gets it, like this one time she actually orchestrated a fight between her parents because love is overrated.

4. People do not like me at times, but hey, who cares?

Have you ever been left out because you’re a buzzkill? Mere aur Dua ke saath hua hai. People don’t like her all the time because she is not fake like this world.

5. Kainchi jaisi zuban hai.

Real world mein rehne ke liye real hona padhta hai, isliye kabhi kabhi zyada bol deti hoon. Dua telling her father that she wouldn’t do his chores because she’s a kid, is the perfect example.

6. Dad is my bestie.

Even if we fight… even when we fight, we end up talking. Like Dua, papa mere bestie hai. ‘Papa meri jaan’ jaise nahin – the non-toxic kind.

7. I have a thing for money.

In one video, Dua literally spit facts. Basically, she said money matters more to her than her parents. This may be a tad too brutal, but I get where she’s coming from. Paisa toh paisa hai.

8. Jaizad par nazar hai.

Since paisa matters so much, jaizad matters just as much. Kabhi kabhi tension ho jaati hai. Especially if you’re the youngest kid, like Dua.

9. Trust issues ke saath jee rahi hoon.

Itna dhoka mila hai, ki lagta hai everybody is out to get me. Dua got caught in her own bed one time. Tell me if that doesn’t scare you?

10. Kabhi-kabhi mature ho jaati hoon.

Insan theek-thaak hoon, isliye kabhi-kabhi mature baatein karti hoon. Dua knows how to balance the baddy and the cute energy. Only some people can do it.

It is indeed Dua’s world, we’re just living in it… and she can do whatever she wants with it.