Human beings are weird. We often get bizarre “what if” ideas about making a difference the world. Some are so intellectual that they can be qualified in a UPSC interview and well some are dumb, really dumb. 

Moved by a similar thought, a curious Twitter user asked the internet what’s the dumbest idea people ever had, that might actually turn out smart enough to make this world a better place. Look at the responses below!

1. *Looking for my pen to sign this petition.*

2. Seems like a masterplan. 

3. Because double tapping the buttons don’t work everywhere. 

4. Ouch. 

5. Everybody should be held accountable for bad driving…even cyclists. 

6. More people would abide the traffic rules if this becomes a thing! 

7. One queue will always be empty…you know which one. 

8. Both of us will be found screaming. 

9. Is this too much to ask for?

10. Ends up getting the paycheck….in dreams.

11. Somebody give this man a Nobel Prize. 

12. At parties and everywhere else. 

13. No more parking hustle. 

14. Wait…what? 

15. Social service at its best. 

16. Beeping my way to make this a thing!

You’ve read enough. Now shoot your ideas in the comments below!