Stealing is tough business. You’e got to do some Ocean’s Eleven kinda planning, you need to make a strategy and above all, you need to be sure of your moves. Also, you need to have a backup plan; you know, just in case you get caught and shit gets real.

Or, you can just thrown caution to the wind and like Rancho from 3 Idiots, listen to what your heart says and jump right in. Like these dumbass super smart desi chors right here. Check ’em out and make sure to take some notes.

1. Yes! It’s mine! Oh fuck, abort mission!

Let’s face it. We’re all tempted by a new mobile phone. And not everyone can buy the latest model. 

Like this ‘hapless’ young man right here.

After some foreplay, he realizes that life’s too short to play it safe. And decides to just run away with the mobile phone on display.

But soon realizes that it’s connected to the table. Because duh! Thieves!

Damn! Better luck next time, son. Or maybe not.

Check out the hilarious clip right here.

2. Oh I committed a murder! Better go double check and get caught.

Apne pair pe kulhadi maarna is one thing, pair kulhadi pe maar dena is another. And nobody knows the difference better than S. Mahesh.

After killing Rajaram, S. Mahesh got a little too curious, and decided to go back to the crime scene to check out how the police investigation was going.

Needless to say, he was immediately caught.


3. Stole a Pug? OLx pe bech de!

Pugs are one of the cutest and most expensive dogs around. Not everybody can afford them. Just like these 2 college students in Chennai.

So they decided to steal one.

Once they’d gotten hold of the dog, they decided to sell it off on OLx. 

Because that’s the most sane thing to do, right? Advertise about your loot on a website for the world to read.

Needless to say, they both were soon caught. But were subsequently released lest their future was spoiled.

Every dog has its day, folks.

4. This guy who was caught inside the very car he was trying to steal!

Stealing a car seems easy business, right? I mean they always make it look so simple in the movies. You get inside the car. Rub some random wires together and boom! It works!

However, real life begs to differ. As highlighted by this classic case, where a car thief in Ghaziabad got trapped inside the very car he was trying to steal.


5. Such weed. Much sell. Very arrested.

The one thing common between Leonardo DiCaprio and weed is that they both have a massive fan following. You get the idea, right? So much so, that just like Leo, weed has its own Facebook page as well.

Ladies & gentlemen, meet Sushil Kumar Moosad; the brain behind the page ‘Bangalore Cannabis’.

While most people get super cautious while scoring some maal, Sushil knew that sharing is caring.

Hence, he decided to share some love. Via Facebook.

However, the cops weren’t very happy with Sushil’s entrepreneurial skills and were prompt enough to bust his ass. Right after tracing him via his own Facebook page. Lol!

6. “Oh, I swallowed that chain I’d stolen!” “Don’t worry. Have some bananas.”

When Gopi R Ghaware saw police approaching him to retrieve a 25 gms gold chain he’d snatched, he did what most sane people would do.

He swallowed the chain.

Here’s an artist’s representation of how he must’ve done it.

However, he didn’t know that banana works as a natural laxative.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Mumbai police knew.

Hence, they proceeded to force feed him 48 bananas.

And as expected, the the chain did slide down Ghaware’s system.

However, the woman from whom he’d snatched it, wasn’t too keen on wearing it again. We wonder why?

They should’ve just called in Ibu Hatela from Gunda. He always carries a banana which he would’ve been more than willing to feed to Ghaware.

Better luck next time, folks. Or maybe not.