We all like ourselves a bit of social media, don’t we? Well, as some evidently more than others. Which is precisely why we have managed to compile this list. Be warned though, this list contains some scenes of graphic stupidity and must NOT be tried at home!

And in case you’re wondering, just how stupid could they possibly be, please know that most of them are teenagers. 


1. We’re all familiar with stories of teenagers eating Tide pods! Daag itne ache hote hain ki these idiots tried swallowing that shit!

You all remember this, don’t you? People legit ended up in hospital for eating detergent. All I gotta ask is why! Why man, why? 


2. Teeangers snorting condoms for the ‘Condom challenge’. While this was not as big a campaign as the tide pods, but damn!

Some teenagers were seen filming themselves sticking unwrapped condoms up one of their nostrils, inhaling them through their nasal cavities, and then yanking them back out from their mouth.

The challenge could have proved fatal had any of them choked on the condom. Besides, there are some serious long-term problems that come with it, like a pair of collapsed lungs!

Indian Express

3. 14-year-old Kaley shoved a hammer into her own mouth to prove her devotion for herfavourite K-Pop group. 

According to reports, she had then tweeted the whole experience after she realised that the hammer was stuck inside her mouth and she would eventually have to move back into society.  

4. This teenager ate ramen out of her toilet because ‘all the bowls in the house were dirty’. 

Taylor O’Dore (then 18) and Hannah Hepler (then 19) had then moment on Twitter when they shared a picture of Hepler eating ramen noodles out of her toilet. We later found out that this was just a farce and was only pretending to eat it out of the toilet. Either way, too fucking weird!

Humour tech

5. A guy named Kasper Knight shot himself in the face with a pistol. Because…

He then went on to upload it on social media and wrote a long-ass Facebook post about it. 


6. This Australia man dived into crocodile-filled water to impress a girl he just met. 

18-year-old Lee de Paauw was bitten by a crocodile in northern Queensland. Oh, and BTW, after he came back from the hospital, the lady went out with him. WTF! Don’t let him procreate!

Daily Mail

7. A group of teenagers crushed sugar candies into powder and then snorted them for social media. 

Ironically, the candies they had been crushing is called Smarties. They did it so much that doctors had to send letters to their parents explaining the hazards of harbouring nose maggots. 


8. This Florida teenager got arrested for diving like an idiot, hitting 4 cars on the way and then posting the video online!

Robert Kelley, 18, was detained by cops after suffering serious injuries from allegedly crashing his car during the filming. The video, set to a techno beat allegedly showd him rushing in and out of traffic, crashing into other cars on the way. 

Bradenton Herald

9. This Florida teenager’s Facebook post bragging about a court case cost his father $80,000. 

The father had sued a Miami school for age discrimination after he lost his job as headmaster. Dana Snay‘s father, Patrick Snay, had settled an age discrimination case with his former employer, Gulliver Preparatory School. The settlement had the clause that the details of the case were not to be made public. 

However, the daughter posted on Facebook that the money would pay for family vacation to Europe!

Daily Mail

10. This teenager decided to have sex with a packet of a ham and cheese Hot Pocket because he thought it was so ‘fucking funny’.  

Unfortunately the plan to become viral backfired as he was banned by Twitter, Vine and blocked by Hot Pockets. 

First We Feast

I swear, some of these people make me question in the intelligence in natural selection.