Without fail, every Women’s Day is marred by an influx of dumb statements of men trying to prove a point. Sometimes, they don’t even have a point, they just want to put some kind of idiocy out into the world for no rhyme or reason. This year wasn’t any different, as the examples below prove.

1. Please elaborate.

2. Despite this tweet being about some new campaign, it was still super tone-deaf. 

3. This men’s inner wear brand asking guys to wear bindis for no discernible reason.

The News Minute

4. This tweet by a page whose name explains everything.

5. This guy who decided it was actually a day to feel sorry for yourself.

6. The guru gives gyaan again!


7. And this dude getting pissed about who-knows-what.

8. This page posting the most misogynistic bile ever.

9. These two ‘brilliant’ tweets by RGV, ‘cos why not.

10. No. Words.

11. Oh no, the injustice of it all!