Waving at people, surrounded by cameras, watching porn and checking out someone else's wife. No, that's not the daily schedule of Shakti Kapoor. It's just a day in the life of a desi neta . Let's face it people, they always have a lot to do. It ain't easy being always surrounded by shutterbugs, who spare no chance of highlighting a chunk in your armour.

As proven by these photos in which our junta ke sevak were captured at their candid best. Take a look.

1. Kya kar rahe ho? Chodo mujhe. Gudgudi ho rahi hai.

Source: Pixgood

2. That moment when Sajid Khan decided to show 'Humshakals' to the parliament.

Source: Full Popat

3. That moment when Arvind Kejriwal forgot his Itch guard cream.

Source: Glamup chic

4. That moment when you realize why Manmohan Singh never speaks.

5. That moment when somebody in the metro farts but you don't know who.

Source: Great Bong

6. That moment when Rahul Gandhi carried an empty plastic bucket for the sake of women empowerment.

7. That moment when you finally got the answer.

Source: Sumitra

8. That look.

Source: India Uncut

9. That moment when Arun Shourie shared a dirty joke with Narendra Modi.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

10. That moment when Sheila Dixit saw Rakhi Sawant without any make-up.

Source: Pixgood

11. That moment when Manmohan Singh put on Axe deodorant.

Source: Vannimedia

12. And then asked Sushma Swaraj to use it as well.

Source: Pixshark

13. That moment when Amar Singh wanted to become Miley Cyrus.

Source: Wiki Newforum

14. That moment when Sheila Dixit was force-fed cake. That too, on her '755th' birthday.

Source: Aam admi party news

15. That moment when Rahul Gandhi was up all night, binge watching Chota Bheem ke episodes.

Source: Daily-Bhaskar

16. Digvijay Singh's 'photo-ception'. Though they may appear to be closed, his eyes are actually open.

Source: Aapki saheli

17. That moment when Shri L.K. Advani used aftershave for the first time.

Source: The unreal times

And then got addicted to it...

Source: Hindustan Times

It's okay people. You have our sympathies. And our laughs!