We entered into an engineering college with a million dreams in our heart, not knowing they’d be crushed so brutally. Bollywood made college so cool. IITs made engineering so cool. And Iron Man made engineers so cool. Little did we know about the harsh realities of this cruel world. Ragging and all was fine, but what happened next just blew my mind *cough*. Here is what budding engineers expect and here is what happens in real life.

1. College time! Freedom time! Relationship time! Right?

Well surprise, guys! This-is-mechanical-engineering!

2. What did Maths become?

Maths was always about numbers. Not any more. English alphabets, Greek alphabets, graphs, paragraphs…Where did the numbers go?

3. You thought you’d gain a lot of practical knowledge, didn’t you?

Heisenberg’s Principle kahan use karu bhai?

4. You thought you’d get to use cool gadgets nobody knows about?

Do ammeters and voltmeters count ?

5. Computer Science matlab hacking seekhenge!

Abe ye IP address kaise nikalte hain?

6. You thought you’ll get to work in ultra Hi-Tech labs.

Electron microscope and high power lasers? Really? Chal, do chammach NaOH daal ismey.

7. Engineering is all about building crazy machines!

Final thesis project – “Working model of a volcano”

8. First salary means a gaming console and a bean bag! Alas…

Rent. Food. Transportation. Salary gone!

9. You thought you’d work with genius scientists.

Welcome to Infosys…

10. Time to apply what you learnt in college.

How about MS Office? Excel to aata hai na? PPT bana lete ho?

Iron Man! Why did you do this to us?