"4 saal engineering, 4 saal naukri, Fir TCS ki chokri, Aaal eej well!"

Not exactly. All is still not well with a majority of the engineering graduates. A lot of them are doing everything except an engineering job. Some are still jobless.

Engineering might not get you a job but it sure equips you with very crucial life lessons. In hindsight, those 4 years weren't so unproductive after all. Here are 24 life lessons that engineering teaches us.

1. Every cloud has a silver lining. The job market may be bleak but not the matrimony market.

Engineers get some of the best arranged marriage proposals.

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2. Life always has a solution. Not placed? Worry not, you can always become a professor.

Mug up the 'guide', vomit in class, repeat. No other job is so chilled out.

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3. Every problem can be dealt with. 'Backs' are not the end of the world. They are just roadblocks.

Hell, Steve Jobs didn't even complete college.

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4. These roadblocks (read backs) just increase your resilience to fight back.

Because somehow or the other, you need to get that engineering degree.

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5. There's a positive side to everything. Case in point, 'Year backs'. You get to be in the same class as that hot junior.

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6. Believe in God. 'Backs/Year backs' won't be too much to handle.

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7. Sometimes, believing in Old Monk helps too.

For believers and atheists alike.

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8. Life seldom gives second chances. Ask that girl in Computer Engineering out on a date now.

Because if you don't, someone else will.

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9. Love your work, and not the girl. Haters gonna hate. But Mech guys would agree with me. Lathes don't ditch, only girls do.

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10. Make the best of today. Mech girls, enjoy the attention while it lasts.

Girls in mechanical beware, you might be getting a lot of bhaav within the department but it's a woman-eat-woman out there.

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11. Live in the present. Once the exams are done, go party. There's no point worrying now.

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12. Having friends is priceless. Nothing beats flunking together.

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13. Finish today's work today. Xerox all your assignments right now.

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14. Have realistic ambitions. Tumse na ho paayega.

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15. Where there's a will, there's a way. You can still pass even if you begin studying one day before the exam.

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16. When nothing works, just beg for some sympathy. It might just work. Like how a puppy face can help you sail through a viva.

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17. The best friendships may not have the best beginnings. #Ragging.

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18. Never underestimate anything in life. Maggi and coffee happened to the world for a reason.

Hunger pangs and staying awake cease to be problems anymore.

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19. Act smart! Just tweak your seniors' project to get a new one.

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20. Splurge on girls, not books. Save money by taking 'guide' books from seniors.

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21. Campus placements are overrated.

The best companies hardly come to college and the ones that do, don't pay that well anyway.

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22. There's no point studying too hard because you wouldn't be using much of what you studied anyway.

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23. Also because you might just end up following the herd (loosely translates to 'end up doing an MBA').

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24. An engineering degree may not fetch you an engineering job, but may get you that writer's job.

Satya vachan!

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Most of us may hate ourselves for doing engineering, but we have to admit that those 4 years were the best years we had. Period!