Unlike popular belief and web comic illustrations, Indian engineers are actually physiologically capable of dating. If you are a good enough engineer, you can arguably repair your dating cycle. However, we will be completely neutral as we judge it against the following factors.

1. Interest in dating

Due to the abnormally skewed gender ratio, engineers may sometime try a lot. This eagerness to date can however be attributed to evolution.

2. Physical Attractiveness

I believe in stereotypes. And stereo typically, engineers are not as attractive as other people, say, super-models.

3. Fashion and Appearance

In addition to physical appearance, engineers are not known for great fashion sense. Probably because it is more aesthetics and less functionality.

4. Love for gaming

Engineers have a known affection for gaming consoles. They will pick a great video game over most people, any day! That does not go that well with most dating scenarios.

5. Frugality

Still, engineers are allegedly frugal/cheap. This is apparently because every situation is an optimization problem for them. And they take mathematics really seriously!

6. High Paying job

Although the majority remains troubled about jobs, it cannot be denied that engineering fetches high paying jobs very early. This is probably the only good news for engineers.

7. High Concentration problems

Engineers get stuck with things. Like a tough puzzle. Or TV series. Or anime. Or a programming contest. This is kind of a hindrance in dating.

8. Social Skills

Interpersonal skills are really important in dating. Engineers may remain in isolation for days because it is just more productive. Serious lack of conventional social skills can hurt your odds.

9. Geeky Factor

Engineers will prefer reviewing the quality of the latest gadget over ‘spending quality time’ with another human. Also, if you own more cool devices than them, they hate you. That is never a good sign, is it?

10. Honesty

Reporting values and warehousing data for such a long time have turned engineers invariably honest. If they think you are fat, they tell you.

11. Ego

The most important thing for an engineer is that (s)he is the smartest person in the room. This can sometimes annoy others in the room.

Alright. So after this thorough study, I realize people are right. Engineers have tough time dating, and for good reason.

This article is derived from this amazing humor piece on engineers.