Some design inventions and ideas are just plain ridiculous. So much so, that life would have been so much more easier without its existence. 

And, this hilarious thread on Quora by Supriya Singh proves exactly that. You have to see it to believe it. 

1. Is that just coincidence or was it done on purpose? Can’t unsee this.

2. So, hood on or hood off? That’s the real question. 

3. Giving me some major OCD!

4. ‘Lets make a floor like this and save money on cleaners.’ Was that the original thought behind this idea?

5. Okay, now that’s a dilemma. 

6. Mirrors on the ceiling at restrooms isn’t such a good idea. 

7. No jet spray or faucet near the pot? Good luck with that!

8.  An ATM right next to a drain? One bad move and all your money can literally go down that drain.

9. I know what you’re thinking. But, those are designs on the tiles.

10. Thanks for the information, I guess. 

11. A picture-worthy moment indeed. 

12. To eat or not to eat?

Do you know of some epic design fails? Let us know in the comments section.