It’s all right; we’re all friends here. Sometimes you’ve just had so much Pornhub in life that you start browsing the comment section on the videos. What? Is it just me? Well, in any case, every now and then some of Pornhub’s most faithful fappers take the time out to dole out some of their best commentary on a video. And, more often than not, these comments are just the best thing you’ll see.

Here are 15 Pornhub comments that are so hilarious they’ll have you looking for them tonight. Wink, wink.

1. Honesty seems to not go a long way.

2. When all that fap sessions needed were a soundtrack.

3. The disappointment! Them feels!

4. Well, that wasn’t very helpful.

5. ‘Cause real fans fap together.

6. Yep, best place for medical advice on rectums.

7. For some reason, I want the keys.

8. He actually made sense. And, then fapped.

9. Well, he did come for the story.

10. That escalated very quickly.

11. Obviously no shopping forum has similar facilities.

12. ‘Cause he thought Stanley Kubrick directed this.

13. When Sherlock’s not gainfully employed.

14. And, this is where you come and de-stress.

15. Clinton knows this far too well.

I love my job.