There are some qualities unique to desi parents. Like their tendency to treat WhatsApp as a news portal, their inability to say sorry, and their never-ending nuskhe. 

And stand-up comedian Raunaq Rajani hilariously sums up every desi parent’s antics in his latest stand-up set, My Dad Caught Me Smoking. 

Rajani starts the set by talking about his father’s tendency to click a selfie that gives a whole new meaning to the term close-up. For reference, this is how he clicks a selfie: 

However, when he tried telling his father to let selfies be, his father has the ultimate response:

Though nothing is more apt than this comment about desi fathers and WhatsApp forwards: 

Of course, it’s not all about desi fathers. Rajani also talks about his mom, who used to beat him to ‘discipline him’ and then pulled the ultimate desi mom trick- emotional atyachaar!

However, Rajani soon makes a smooth segway to his main theme, smoking… which obviously is injurious to health. 

From why he could never take up smoking (and no his father catching him did not play a role in it), to the reason his friend, a chain smoker, quit smoking (it involves male nipples), his set is as hilarious, as it is relatable. 

You can watch the complete set here: 

All images are screenshots from the video on YouTube.