In a country that lives and breathes Bollywood, it’s only natural that more often than not Bollywood transcends from the silver screen to our everyday lives as well. Bollywood movies not only entertain us, they often double up as our guides, philosophers and mentors as well. Guiding us through the bylanes of life.

Bollywood movies also teach us a thing or two as to how to react in a particular situations. And man! Are they accurate! As proved by these awesome videos by Posteries .

Check ’em out.

1. When you know nothing about computers but when a hot girl asks you, you be like…

2. When you follow the diet, but still don’t lose any weight.

3. Everytime someone hits you, your mom be like…

4. When you get grace marks from a teacher you hate.

5. When you only have brothers, but desperately want a sister.

6. Finding socks every morning be like…

7. When bae orders an expensive dish on a date.

8. When the doctor is trying to act funny while giving an injection.

9. When bae asks what you did in Goa.

10. Controlling your fart be like…

11. When the pani puri waala refuses to give sookha puri .

12. When you eat spicy rajma .

13. Everytime you reach home late, mom will be like…

14. When your kameene dost order the most expensive stuff when you give them a treat.

15. When your internet is down.

Make sure to use all these reactions in real life as well.