We have to admit that the American sitcom Modern Family is an appropriate description of our daily lives. Even though it’s based on a modern American family, we can’t help but draw many similarities between the families there and the modern family here. That’s because, the big fat Indian family is becoming more and more open, and we are not complaining. There’s more room for weirdos and socially awkward people more than ever before. We are more accommodating to all the idiosyncrasies that people of today come with. So, here are some posters that accurately describe how Indian family has evolved over time:

1. When your parents found out about your girlfriend/boyfriend.

2. Regarding mid-meal snacking.

3. When they catch you after you have smoked.

4. On punishments!

5. Regarding TV.

6. On birthdays.

7. When you are going to a friend’s place.

8. On staying in touch.

9. When you have a snoopy sibling.

10. When you come home with your report card.


Regular TVs are so old fashioned because the new-age Indian family loves their smart TVs, like the new Sony Bravia Android TV.