It’s that time of the year again. A time dreaded by millions of students across the country as they sit for the baap of all exams, the board exams. We know, we know.  No matter how well prepared you are, the fear remains. 

But it’s not just the academics you should be taking care of. It’s also the people around you that you should be wary of. Just like these sneks right here. Take a look.

1. The 50/50 sneks

That friend who says they haven’t studied anything and then ends up topping the class.

2. The KLPD sneks

That invigilator who sits right in front of you.

3. The ‘deaf’ sneks

That friend who doesn’t listen to you when you call out to them.

4. The intrusive sneks

That teacher who stands next to you, stares into your answer sheet and starts checking it then and there.

5. The ‘extra’ poisonous sneks

That friend who says they haven’t studied anything and yet, is the first one to ask for an extra sheet.

6. The bhikhari sneks

That friend who keeps begging in the examination hall.

7. The douchey sneks

The ones who pretend to make your life easy.

8. The fenku sneks

The ones who have absolutely no idea about the question paper.

9. The ‘saath-mein-marenge’ sneks

The ones who make plans for group study and then end up making you watch movies.

10. The false hopes sneks

The ones who are optimistically stupid. 

11. The sadistic sneks

The ones who love making your life miserable. 

12. The workaholic sneks

Those examination planners who don’t give an off between Maths and Physics papers.

13. The overtly curious sneks

The ones who are more concerned about your exams than you are.

14. The impatient sneks 

The ones who discuss the question paper as soon as the exam gets over.

15. The unsure sneks

The ones who revise one chapter a million times.

16. The discouraging sneks

The ones who make you realize that you haven’t studied anything.

17.  The kanjoos sneks

The ones who refuse to share their notes.

18. The time-pass sneks

The ones who call you right before an exam to waste your time.

19. The darpok sneks

The ones who make you more nervous than you already are.

20. The gyaani sneks

The toppers who say marks aren’t everything.

So, how many of these poisons do you know?