Known for his eccentric and rib-tickling stand-up performances on stage, Aakash Gupta is one of the promising rising stars. Desperate for laughs, he started his career as a theatre artist at Shaheed Bhagat Singh College and later won the second season of Amazon Prime’s Comicstaan Show

With his on-point sarcasm, expressions and hilarious punchlines relatable to everyone with pestering relatives, here are some impeccable moments from his shows when he exactly said what we were thinking in our heads. 


1. From the extra-friendliness of the bhaiyas to their crisp sassy tone, when he explained how intimidating Sarojini Nagar market can get. 

*Chunnu Ke Liye, Munnu Ke Liye. Pipty-Pipty* 

2. When dog parents never admit the fact that their doggo can be anything other than an oh-so-cute pet. 

*Their Jigar Ka Tukda, Haaye* 

3. When he talked about the double standards of our grandparents. 

*Haaye Mere Ghutne* 

4. When he talked about his take on the hosts of cookery shows. 

*₹50 Rupee Kaat Overacting Ka* 

5. When he talked about his intimidating metro ride. 

*Yeh Gaadi Noida Jaa Rahi Hai* 

6. When he talked about how possessive humans get for their doggos. 

*Doggos Don’t Hurt, Humans Do* 

7. When he talked about his girlfriend’s hypothetical issues AND answers. 

*Acha Suno, Baby* 

8. When he talked about the conservative couples in trains. 

*Chhuk Chhuk* 

9. When he talked about how Sarojini Nagar Market ke bhaiyas come up with the oddest conversation starters. 

*Arre Madam Gir Gaya. Kya? Bhaav!* 

10. When he expressed what happens on the train platforms. 

*Playing ‘Aaaaaaa’ From K3G In Background* 

Scuz me, brother!