If you’re not one of those (loathsome) kids whose parents are cool enough to let ’em party up their lives the way they please and not make a fuss about it, then you’ll get it. Most times, we just do what any aadarsh baalak/baalika would do – we very carefully design our lives so that they never have to find out. But no matter how careful we are, there always will be times when our parents come face to face with and question our poisons – be it cigarettes, alcohol or that sweet baba ji ki booti. And when that happens, how the conversation ends will depend entirely on how prepared you are.

Well, what we’ve got here are some of the most outrageous excuses used by people who were caught, but were clearly prepared for the worst! Pay careful attention.

1. Throw up too much last night? Get creative.

2. Why does the room smell like smoke? I wonder.

3. Beta, aapne cigarette pee hai?

4. Why are there beer bottles behind you in those Facebook pictures?

5. Caught red-handed? Well, remember that confidence is key.

6. Is that a cigarette in your hand in that photo? Well…

7. In case of angry parent, get even angrier to diffuse the situation.

8. Why is there a ‘sharaab ki botal’ in your bag? Kyunki har ek friend zaruri hota hai.

9. Getting home drunk from a party?

10. If they ever find your bong and ask you what the eff it is…

11. Caught smoking a J? Put your stoned creativity to use!

12. And if they ever try to have a ‘serious talk’ about it, bring out the big guns.

13. Why is it so smokey in your room?

14. Drinking ‘daaru’ while the parents are around?

15. Reverse-psychology that mother! I mean, really, it works like a charm on mothers.

So go forth and party, my amazing party people. Because we’ve got you covered as far as ridiculous excuses go!

Unbelievable designs by Rohit Jakhu