The most popular social networking site, Facebook, has millions of users logged into it 24×7. From chatting to uploading photos to playing games to just stalking random people, Facebook took the world by rage and its reign is still going strong. Since it’s made for the masses, Facebook is usually nice to everyone. It asks us politely ‘what’s on our mind’ and nicely tells us what events are coming up or who we became friends with.

But, if Facebook was brutally honest with us, do you think it would have been so sweet? Well, I don’t think so. If it were honest, this is how FB would’ve been to us all:

What you see when you want to update your status:

What it would’ve looked like:

Here’s how a random guy sees the page of a random girl he wants to add:

Here is how FB would’ve made it look like to him:

We all know you won’t reject her request:

So it might as well be like this:

And this is something some girls really want certain guys to know:

Here’s what is trending:

And this is how some of it actually matters to most of us:

How FB allows users to tag whatever & whoever they want.

How FB would’ve tagged pics if tagging was an automated thing:

Here’s a picture of smiles all around:

Here’s what FB’s take would’ve been on those smiles:

A normal block list looks like this:

But FB would’ve simplified it for us:

Who can forget the different groups of friends we have on our FB?

This is how it would’ve genuinely categorised them:

Aah, cropping. The tool that makes us look better:

An honest FB would’ve been quite straight forward with us:

And how about the events we mark on our calendars but never bother to check:

FB would’ve made that easy for us too”

Game requests bug the crap out of so many of us. But there are of course people who choose to play as well:

Here’s what FB would have said to them:

Blocked? Nothing to be ashamed of. Shit happens.

But to be honest, may be you deserve it.

Or maybe FB would’ve known how lonely you are and not bothered about you.

How about those messages that DON’T land up in our inbox?

Here is what they really are:

Lucky for us, Facebook treats us with a lot dignity. For now.