The world woke up to a rude shock today. People stared blankly at their computer screens, not quite sure what they were going to do with themselves. A black day for social media megalomaniacs, selfies lay ready to be posted, witty status updates never saw the light of day and no likes were given on January 27.

Today, Facebook was down for 40 WHOLE minutes and everyone lost their minds.

And it wasn’t just Facebook. Instagram – down. Tinder – down. Hipchat was also down. Really, is nothing sacred anymore? Twitter, apparently. Frustrated Facebook-ers took to the micro-blogging site to weep about their woes. And, just like Twitter, we’re extremely grateful.

Lots of good things came from this Facebook outage. Relationships were strengthened.

Loyalties were tested.

Some crossed the line, with below-the-belt digs.

Others rationalised the tragedy.

Bosses had a field day, while employees were grumpy.

The rest got real about the inevitable end of their social media lives.

It looked like the end of the world as we knew it. Would things ever go back to normal, we wondered. Right up until that glorious moment when we could log back in to Facebook.


Survivors. That’s right.

Meanwhile, The Verge has revealed that hacking group ‘Lizard Squad’ might have had something to do with this sinister, sinister plot.

Here’s what they posted on Twitter.

The plot thickens.