I asked a friend of mine what he thought of KRK because I wanted to write an article on him. He immediately told me that he has a life and walked away. I did not understand his hatred and whom it was directed towards, but I was hoping he had known something about him, because it takes a lot of effort to find out things yourself. I started looking.

I don’t know KRK personally, but judging by the rate he tweets, I think it would be fair to say he’s opinionated. What I do know, is that he pisses a lot of celebrities off, and to date, he has tweeted 20,000 times and has 1.07 million followers on Twitter, so 1.07 million people must think he’s doing something right.

Here are a few other things I know about him with the help of Twitter, that you probably don’t need to know.

1. He believes he is as big a star as Shah Rukh Khan. He felt big enough to address Barack Obama and tell him about it.

2. He once initiated a survey to find out which Bollywood actress has the biggest butt because he’s disappointed no actress here has a butt like Kim Kardashian.

He really loves that woman.

3. That survey pissed Sonakshi Sinha enough to tweet this.

4. He wanted to curb people’s freedom because he didn’t like an internet video.

5. He apparently only likes his own version of insult comedy.

6. He challenged, no one knows who, that if Modi win, he would leave the country . Then, when Modi won, he tweeted this;

7. Publicity is his fodder and he knows how to get it.

8. A lot of people were confused, but he really misunderstood the ‘My Choice’ video.

9. He acted in the movie Ek Villain. It was a tragedy, not by genre. All I remember from that movie was a delicious wedding cake; it looked and acted the best.

Source: BC Billi

10. He had the balls to do this on the internet.

So to sum it up, you may or may not like him, but you’re going to see a lot of him. The thing about attention is that you cannot control it sometimes. And when someone or something becomes the talk of the town, you just want to know why.

“KRK strikes again, makes lewd remarks on Twitter about Hilary’s…”