There was a show called Kids Say The Darndest Things that was on in the 90s. The new season of that is finally airing, except it’s not a show, it’s reality, and instead of kids, it’s our ministers. From Nirmala Sitharaman blaming millennials for the auto industry slowdown, to Piyush Goyal saying Einstein discovered gravity, our elected officials have truly changed the game. 

Here’s a few more ‘facts’ that you might not have known.

1. Radium was discovered by Baba Ramdev. Marie Curie stole his research.

2. Gravity was discovered by Tiger Shroff.


3. Steering wheel was invented by Salman Khan.


4. First dictionary was written by Shashi Tharoor.


5. Akshay Kumar grew the first mango.


6. Theory of Relativity has nothing to do with space. It’s about our relatives gossiping. 

7. Natural Selection was accidentally discovered thanks to Bigg Boss. 


8. Rahul Gandhi is a member of Mensa.


9. Mukesh Ambani invented money.


10. The Big Bang Theory was actually directed by Ekta Kapoor.


11. Ranveer Singh doesn’t use pickup lines. He simply has a mating call.


12. Modi is producing a new season of Friends. #Mitron

13. Kejriwal’s muffler actually costs Rs. 20 lakh. Emporio se liya tha


14. Arnab Goswami invented the loudspeaker. 


15. Vikram Lander didn’t malfunction, he just hated humans.


In case you missed it, this is a sarcastic article. Please don’t take it to heart.