Imitations of popular brands are found all over the place and they are one of the prime reasons why China is on the world map. Nobody buys them. But everybody loves taking pictures when they spot them. We decided to give these 19 epic fake brands well-deserved fake taglines.

1. Johnny Worker Black Labial

Tagline: Keep Working/Born In 1820 – Still Olding

2. iLike

3. Ball Star

Tagline: The Greatest Star Of Them Ball

4. PearPhone

Tagline: If You Don’t Have A Pearphone, You Don’t Have A Spare Phone

5. Abcids

Tagline: All Day I Learn ABCD… and still don’t get it.

6. Pasunnic

Tagline: Bad Ideas For Life

7. Okay

Tagline: Love the skin you’re in, okay?

8. Coma

Tagline: /_/______________

9. Pika

Tagline: Choo

10. Kingfarmer

Tagline: The King Of Good Limes

11. Collage

Tagline: #1 Toothpaste Recommended By Graphic Designers

12. Legs

Tagline: No One Can Eat Even One

13. Biloori

Tagline: Pure Water From The Loo


14. Pant Boy

Tagline: Keep Them On

15. PS4 Toaster

Tagline: Game of Toasts

16. iPhone 8

Tagline: If you don’t have an iPhone, get a Math degree

17. Sonia

Tagline: make.disbelieve

18. Fair My Love/Four Love

Tagline: Unfair And Nakli

And here’s the funniest one.