Tokyo is where all the action is right now, but over at home ground, our celebrities are indulging in some athletics of their own. Since most famous Indians are pros at jumping through hoops and other assorted talents, we imagined what they’d get up to at the Olympics. 

1. Kangana Ranaut would get a gold medal for talking shit.

2. Sambit Patra would be kicked out of the Olympic Village for arguing with other athletes and for stealing biscuits.

3. Arnab Goswami would be disqualified for doping and screaming “Mujhe drugs do! MDMA do!”

4. Arvind Kejriwal would be the coach going crazy and telling his team – “Kar na! Toh Kar na!”

5. Amit Shah would intimidate the judges into giving him a medal despite him not even participating.

6. Narendra Modi would be the guy giving the (extremely long) opening speech.

7. Baba Ramdev would sneak in as an Olympic team doctor and treat players with Patanjali products. 

8. Shashi Tharoor would win a gold at Verbal Gymnastics – a category created just for him!

9. Mukesh Ambani would have his own Olympics at Antilia with the prize being a lifetime subsciption to Jio instead of a Gold Medal.

10. Sonu Sood would give a gold medal to each and every athlete for free.

11. Navika Kumar would spread nasty rumours about her fellow athletes while sucking up to the judges.

12. Rahul Gandhi would win a gold at mudslinging (yet another category we just made up).

Hopefully, the next Olympics will consider these champions.

Gifs from Giphy.