When it seems like things can't get any worse, and all hope is lost, remember - there's always FaceApp to make things just a little bit weirder. Considering the abysmal state of world leadership today, we decided to put presidents and prime ministers through the filter to add a little spice to the drudgery. Can you guess who is who?

"Mera aankh jal raha hai."

The babushkas love this person.

The Art of the Deal: Redux

Who's this cutie?

This one's got a touch of that je ne sais quoi.

Damn, she's fabulous.

Achtung! Who's this?

No, that's not Empress Palpatine.

If looks could kill.

This guy looks like he could host Man Vs. Wild.

Why did we do this? Who Knows. Was it worth it? Most definitely.