“Imagination. Life is your creation.”

— Aqua

People think girls are dreamers who believe in fairy tales and Prince Charming on a white horse. Well, when it comes to imagination, we boys can give give the girls a run for their money.

Girls’ Hostel. An ordinary everyday concept. An exclusive place where students and working girls live together, bound by several rules. But for guys, it’s much more than just that. Regardless of how improbable some of these situations are, a lot of guys imagine that the following goes on in the mysterious halls of a girls hostel.

DISCLAIMER: None of this is for real. It’s just stuff made up by a guy who’s never seen the inside of a girl’s hostel and has consequently let his retarded imagination run wild.

1. Most of us think it’s an all day pyjama party! Clothing optional.

2. And that there are crazy gossip scenes where everyone knows everything, from the juiciest flings to the most notorious fights!

3. We also think that every inch of girls’ hostel rooms are either covered by hair products or clothes like some kind of crazy war zone.

4. And that every night involves playing a game of spin the bottle, with the dares getting increasingly audacious.

5. The rest of the time, we think the girls are just trying on clothes or doing their hair.

6. We also imagine that lucky boyfriends and boy friends are constantly being sneaked inside.

7. Margaritas for breakfast and Sangrias for dinner. Total enjoy!

8. There’s apparently the ‘good’ girls and the ‘bad’ girls, and obviously, the bad girls are better.

9. We also think that girls are baking choco chip cookies inside, though in reality it’s the same old Maggi doing the rounds.

10. Catfights must be a regular occurrence, and stuff probably gets ugly. I’m talking nail scratching, hair pulling, etc.

11. Pillow fights and flying feathers everywhere, accompanied by squeals and bunnies, culminating in the supreme male fantasy. *wink*

12. Group stalking of different boys on Facebook and saying “Kitna cute hai yaar!” is another activity.

13. Girls getting drunk and fooling around? Yes please!

14. Summer days spent tanning on the roof and rubbing lotion on each other isn’t that improbable either, is it?

15. And of course, ridiculous stuff like this –

Of course this isn’t true. Well a man can dream, can’t he?