Kailas Patange, a 22-year-old farmer from Maharashtra, has applied for a loan of ₹6.65 crores from a bank in Goregaon to buy a helicopter. His reason being, farming has become ‘too unaffordable’.


Unstable weather with erratic rainfall and fragmented droughts prompted Patange to take this decision. He owns 2 acres of land where he cultivated soybeans over the last couple of years. However, his hard work did not bear him good returns because of unfavorable weather. He mentioned that the money from the crop insurance was also not good enough to fulfill his means. 

The New York Times

Patange is a resident of Taktoda village in the Hingoli district of Maharastra. He talked to PTI about this big leap of faith.

Who says only big people should have big dreams? Farmers should also dream big. I have applied for a loan of Rs 6.65 crore to purchase a helicopter. There is a lot of competition in other businesses, so I decided to go for this.

Notably, renting helicopters for travel and tourism is a great business arena garnering hefty returns. Just over a month ago, the Times of India reported how Goa, in association with BLADE India, has launched helicopter services to boost travel in the offbeat Goan hinterlands. 

Well, all the best to Patange for his new venture!