Fashion is a roller coaster cycle that dips and turns and comes round a full circle. But once in a while the wheel churns out a trend that are too bizarre to even comprehend as a fashion statement – it is not a gender specific phenomenon, and is crippling for both men and women in even doses. Weird fashion is a choice that reflects a state of mind that has the confidence to flip the world while holding fast to their plastic bag shirts and crotch-fitting tights.

1. Bagcore – Tshirts made from polythene bags

A trend that began in Taiwan where people turn on the sexies by channeling their inner homeless person who raided a dry waste-bin for a shirt.

2. Sproutcore – Wearing plants on the head

This one germinated in Beijing where men and women have re-imagined their head to be a vegetable patch, or a nesting place for snails.

3. Clip-on man buns

A moment of silence for all the rats that were killed to fuel this trend.

4. Heart bangs

Either Korea’s humidity level is 0% or they have invented invisible fairy tape to keep it in place.

5. Meggings

Remember Robin Hood Men In Tights? Yeah, that was a joke

6. Bubble nails

If your nails mutated from excessive exposure to radioactive colours. this is not a trend, friends, it’s a tumour pretending to be candy.

7. Eye tattoos

I cannot even…

8. Fake freckles

A new trend that allows you to sport realistic freckles using a freckle kit that comes with 72 self-adhesive stencils and rollerball formula that lasts for up to 4 to 6 weeks.

9. Elastic plastic tattoos

No, you didn’t fool anyone in 2000, and you’re not fooling anyone now

10. Beardcore

If you thought dyed beards were a big fat nope…

You’d agree that the colour is way better than men who believe they are garden-pixies

Or even men who believe they’re a decoration prop around the holiday season.

11. Facekini

Of course I saved the best for last. Behold the Chinese facekini

For your beach themed serial killer tendencies

Or the time China confused being a Mexican wrestler with casual beachwear

I can keep going…

But you know what, if you feel that a sprout or a ratty bun on your head is what it takes to be your own person, then screw my judgement and go for it – wear it like a boss.